Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is one of the smartest ways for people to give to the causes they care about, straight from their gross earnings on a regular basis. It’s easy for employers to manage so it really is win, win, win for companies, their employees and the benefiting charities.

Good for employers

Payroll Giving (or ‘give as you earn’) is a trusted scheme used by thousands of UK companies and their employees. Taking part as a business will demonstrate to your employees that you are committed to them and the things they care about. It will help to foster good employee relations and embed a culture of corporate responsibility throughout your business. It’s really easy to set up too. If you use an outsourced payroll provider they will know all about it and be able to set it up for you. If you do your own payroll, organisations such as Charities Trust  or CAF will be able to help set it up.

The bonus is that any costs you incur in setting up or promoting the scheme are tax deductible!

Good for employees

You may already give to charities you care about on an ad hoc basis, what makes Payroll Giving different? Well, taking part in Payroll Giving means your donation will be deducted from your pay before you pay tax on it. So if you’re a standard rate tax payer, every £10 you give will actually only be costing you £8. You can make your donation to one charity or split it between several. You can even set up your own giving account which will allow you to make one-off donations and vary the amount you give. FIND OUT MORE

Good for GUTS

If you have decided to support GUTS through Payroll Giving, thank you! Your donation will provide us with a regular income that we can rely on long-term, and which will help us make plans and commitments going forward. That means your money will be working hard to improve bowel cancer survival for years to come.

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