Give a Gift in Celebration!

You’re looking forward to celebrating a big birthday or anniversary with family and friends. You don’t want gifts, just the pleasure of their company… but of course they want to provide a gift as a thank you for your invite. The perfect solution to this awkward conundrum is to ask for donations to GUTS in lieu of gifts! That keeps everyone happy and you will still get to enjoy reading all their lovely messages.

The easiest way to ask for donations in lieu of gifts is to set up a Just Giving or Total Giving page, which will allow your guests to Gift Aid their donations if they so wish. You won’t have to worry about collecting cash or cheques to pass on to us and your guests can Gift Aid their donations if they wish. Once the event is over and your guests have all donated, you just close the page.

To set up your page, go to the GUTS pages (links above) on either of these platforms and follow the ‘fundraise’ steps to set up your own linked fundraising page. You may have a very good reason for wanting to support us in this way so if you can relate that story it will encourage your guests to be generous.  When you have populated the page with your story, photos and information about the event, you will get a URL link for the page which you can include in your invites.

GUTS fundraising toolkit

Our toolkit is full of fundraising information and ideas.



I was diagnosed with stage three bowel cancer three and a half years ago. Our party was a celebration of 40 years marriage and an opportunity to raise funds for such a personal cause. ”
Martin and Vanessa’s 40th Anniversary

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