Sarah, an older lady and a GUTS Bowel Cancer charity volunteer, standing in a kitchen smiling wearing an apron stirring in a white bowel with a wooden spoon.
“I enjoy baking so every year I help out GUTS by supplying them with cakes for an annual open garden teashop. My top tip is write a list – or even several lists!”
Sarah, GUTS supporter
Sarah’s Story
I was diagnosed with stage three bowel cancer three and a half years ago. Our party was a celebration of 40 years marriage and an opportunity to raise funds for such a personal cause. ”
Martin and Vanessa’s 40th Anniversary
Roberto and I cycled from Surbiton to Nice and raised £800 for GUTS. We got through 12 litres of water daily, 90 bananas, 40 baguettes and 60 tomatoes over the ten days!”
Riccardo’s 1975km pedal for GUTS

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