The Bowel Owl

The Bowel Owl

The provision of information and support for people who are newly diagnosed with bowel cancer can be patchy and not always easy to access. A family member of a patient currently receiving treatment for bowel cancer recently told us:

“There is a scarcity of information for families experiencing this most traumatic of diagnoses. When you are receiving the news, your mind is racing and it’s very hard to take in and process all the implications, even if you have some understanding of the medical terms you are likely to be hearing. The written material you are given will answer a few of the questions that come to mind after you have left the consulting room, but it is written in generalities and your experience is not general – it is particular to you and your family.

“More than likely, you are going to turn to Dr Google! There is some useful information to be found online, but not all in one place and not all of it relevant to you. The last thing you need at this point is misinformation.”

To address this gap, we we are working to produce an online information hub, which we’re calling ‘The Bowel Owl’.

Starting as we mean to go on, here are answers to questions around the project, its aims and delivery:

What will the Bowel Owl be?
A font of reliable, jargon-free wisdom for anyone facing a bowel cancer diagnosis. Information will encompass anything from an explanation of medical terms and expectations of care and treatment through to advice around the affects of a diagnosis on your finances or relationships, with signposting to more specialist help.

Anything else?
More general information around bowel cancer that may be of interest or use to anyone – what it is, causes and prevention, gut anatomy, screening, diet and nutrition.

How much will the project cost?
We are aiming to raise £100,000 during 2023 to finance the project.
This would include the means to promote, maintain and update the site going forward, so that it continues to provide meaningful, relevant and accurate information.

How long will it take?
The initial consultation, design and build of the site will take six months. The work to maintain and update it will be ongoing.

What form will it take?
It will be primarily a website but with some material available in printed format and additional display material that we can make available for any community groups, businesses or others that want to promote wellness among their members, clients or colleagues.


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