R-FIT for purpose!

GUTS is pleased to be supporting a research project that is being carried out by Nick Farkas in partnership with colleagues from the Southern Bowel Cancer Screening Hub  in Guildford. The R-FIT Study (Replicate and Repeat Faecal Immunochemical Tests) is examining if repeated FIT tests can lead to a more effective management of symptomatic patients so that colonoscopy follow-ups can be used more selectively. At the moment colonoscopy is standard for anyone who has a positive FIT (FIT is the standard test used by the National Bowel Cancer Screening Programme); colonoscopy is uncomfortable and invasive for the individual concerned and is also a precious NHS resource that is in very high demand. Given that most patients receiving a colonoscopy will not have colorectal cancer, finding ways to manage this resource more effectively makes sense for all concerned as waiting times will be relieved and priority patients will receive a more timely diagnosis.

Mr Farkas said: “The Study is progressing well with over 260 patients recruited in the first 3 months.  Patients have been very positive and willing to help the Study which has been great!  This means that we are on track from a recruitment perspective.  We now have NIHR status which may enable other sites to be incorporated should we or they wish.  I will be doing some interim analysis at six months to determine how things are looking.”

NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) is the research arm of the NHS, Find out more here.

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