Database giving a voice to patients

Colorectal cancer patients will have more say over the management of their symptoms and treatment side-effects, thanks to an innovative project supported by GUTS.

The Colorectal Database project is hosted on a platform specifically designed to gather information from patients undergoing treatment for colorectal cancer. Although patient data reported by clinicians is routinely gathered already, this project differs in that it is based on Patient Reported Outcomes (PROMS); the information gathered is directly or indirectly from patients themselves, reporting on symptoms and side-effects that they experience. The input of all retrospective records has been completed and now current records are being added to the system.

Originally the project was restricted to those receiving Papillon contact radiotherapy but now includes all colorectal cancer patients.

The long-term aim of the project is to provide a bank of information and advice for patients. Each patient will have a portal to log into and report on their own experiences. Any information they input will be only accessible to clinicians involved in their treatment but the portal will also allow patients be able to raise questions about side effects, give feedback or learn more about their treatment.

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